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Smart Wearable Healthcare Report 2014

The Ultimate Report on Wearable Healthcare: Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous

Wearable devices, smart algorithms and the existence of huge, easily accessible health databases are disrupting the health industry. Today, the global size of such smart wearable devices is USD 2 billion. By the year 2020 this market is estimated to reach USD 41 billion. Today, we are at the mere beginning of this deep transformation of the healthcare sector. Innovative medtech companies, pharma, mobile phone manufacturers, software companies, start-ups and research organizations around the world are developing new technologies. Future medical care will be highly personalized and new players will change industry dynamics, challenging the established relationship among patients, doctors and hospitals. This massive opportunity must be high on the agenda of every healthcare and medtech executive. Bystanders and laggards will be steamrollered by a wave of technological innovation as never witnessed before.

This 204-page report tells you all you need to know for developing, optimizing and implementing a wearable healthcare strategy. Our research team of technology and healthcare experts analyzed more than 250 smart wearable projects. The 30 key providers with the most disruptive products in this field have been selected and analyzed in detail (see vendors analyzed to the right), including system features, market positioning and future improvements. The report further providea detailed market sizing model and recommendations for (potential) providers of smart wearables and the relevant industry sectors as a whole. 

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The report offers a detailed market sizing model of the revenue from smart wearable healthcare in the following key market segments: Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, In-hospital Monitoring, Geriatry/PERS, Asthma, Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. In addition, the study provides 30 in-depth profiles of the most innovative wearable healthcare products/vendors worldwide. The report was not commissioned by a vendor or any other 3rd party and has been conducted completely independently.

The report answers the following questions for management and consultants in the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, telecom, IT vendors and insurance sectors:

  • What is the status of the smart wearable healthcare market and how will it develop by 2020?
 (market data segmented into 10 market segments by patient group)
  • What are the features, strengths and weaknesses of today’s smart wearable healthcare solutions?
  • What are the 30 smart wearable healthcare solutions with the highest potential for disruption?
  • Which features and functions should smart wearable healthcare solutions have to meet the needs of patients?
  • What are the 10 key insights to successfully develop your own smart wearables strategy and prevent common pitfalls?

Main Content:

  • Smart wearable healthcare market size and growth on a global scale in nine key markets: Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, In-hospital Monitoring, Geriatry/PERS, Asthma, Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy
  • 30 comprehensive best practice profiles of smart wearable healthcare products, including system features, market positioning and further improvement areas
  • Evaluation of the top 30 smart wearable healthcare vendors/products against nine criteria to determine disruptiveness potential
  • Recommendations for improvements for each of the 30 products and identification of main competitors
  • Top 10 strategic recommendations to build a successful business case in the market for smart wearable healthcare
  • Three comprehensive data appendices with detailed market sizing model, details on the disruptiveness evaluation and a database of 250 further vendors that are active in this market

Report profiles the   30 most disruptive players worldwide:

Alzheimer´s Assoc.
Andon Health
GTX Corp
LGT Medical
Nemo Devices
Philips Respironics
Propeller Health