Research Focus & Values

Our research focuses on the use of disruptive technologies in healthcare. Our analysts are specialists in the fields of smart hardware technology, healthcare applications and their implications on the global health industry, healthcare providers and the regulatory framework.

One of our most important areas of research is the market for smart wearable healthcare systems. Smart wearable healthcare technology is disrupting the healthcare and med-tech industries; trends that are leading the way to a massive healthcare revolution include 24/7 patient monitoring, collecting large amounts of critical data, using smart big-data analysis to detect early warning signs of chronic and acute diseases, and the quantified self. Patients are empowering themselves, while doctors have new tools for early stage disease prevention. The number of lives improved or even saved and the scope of reduced medical costs when this technology is adopted globally cannot be exaggerated.

Our research values and principles:

  • Thorough and objective analysis: Based on extensive and in-depth primary research, our experienced analystsundertake thorough assessments of the state of wearable healthcare and its impact on the various industry sectors affected by this technology revolution. We have no relation to any company or third party and guarantee a fully independent analysis.
  • Market sizing: Business executives in the healthcare and med-tech sectors need to understand the size, growth and potential of this new wave of disruptive technology. The market estimates provided by our experts will support executives in their business planning strategies.
  • Trend monitoring: Even as we evaluate existing offerings in the smart wearable healthcare fields, we are also looking ahead. We identify best practices, set benchmarks for the future and identify trends by continuous technology scouting and by talking to experts, vendors and early adopters.
  • Taking a stand: We believe that the real value of any analysis lies in the clear judgment calls and recommendations we make, based on our objective and data-driven research. Our independence and in-depth knowledge allow us to give our clients straightforward feedback on how to benefit from the wearable healthcare revolution.