Smart Wearable Healthcare Report 2014

Price: 1780 Euro / 1950 USD

Report Consists:

  • 204-Page Report (PDF file)
  • Comprehensive Smart Wearable Database with the 250 most relevant companies (XLS file)
  • Annual Market Volume 2014 – 2020, segmented into 10 market segments by patient group (XLS file)
  • Evaluation and Ranking of the 30 most disruptive companies/products against 9 characteristics (XLS file)


  • Optional one-hour phone Q&A session with the lead analyst
  • Corporate license for unrestricted use of the report throughout the purchaser’s organization at no additional costs.

The report answers the following questions:

  • What is the status of the smart wearable healthcare market and how will it develop by 2020?
 (market data segmented into 10 market segments by patient group)
  • What are the features, strengths and weaknesses of today’s smart wearable healthcare solutions?
  • What are the 30 smart wearable healthcare solutions with the highest potential for disruption?
  • Which features and functions should smart wearable healthcare solutions have to meet the needs of patients?
  • What are the 10 key insights to successfully develop your own smart wearables strategy and prevent common pitfalls?

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